It’s a problem most companies have. How to I make my brand stand out from the crowd? With a fleet of vehicles at you disposal that would be the first avenue to look at. Take Sky vehicle graphics for instance. You don’t even need to feed what’s on it to know it’s a SKY van.Now I’m not saying everyone should go out and spend thousands on vehicle wraps. I don’t even do them.But What I am saying is get a strong identity that gets your van noticed locally. This breeds customer confidence that if you have taken the time to create vehicle graphics that look good then the same care will be shown to your own customers work.This project was a fine example. Wilson Window Repair came to us looking to incorporate there new brand across their fleet. Spending time with the MD we worked out exactly what he hoped to achieve from putting vinyl on his vans. Simply put he “wanted his vans to be noticed.” A few hours spent in front of the computer allowed us to tick all the boxes and bring his brand to life.We used a mixture of polymeric sign vinyl and laminated digital print. Using our large format digital printer we printed all logos the contour cut as required.Overall we think it worked and so did the MD.